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History Of The Cajon

A Cajon is a very simple box drum.

Usually made from plywood with a thin plywood front or playing surface (tappa).
The cajon box drum is thought to have originated in Peru. In the 16th century, African slaves would make these instruments from old packing crates and use them to replace the native drums of Africa. Also in Cuba cajon drums where made from old drawers and other household box type structures and used to accompany Cuban and Latino Styles of music.

The word Cajon actually means box, or drawer in Spanish.

And the cajon is found as a major player in Spanish Flamenco music.
The cajon, being a very simple instrument and originally made from any old thing which was around, became popular in many forms of music, similar box drums cvan be found in Blues music and many forms of folk music.

Over the years the cajon developed and people started making additions to the original box drum. The addition of internal wires to giving a snare sound added another dimension to the instrument and many different snare systems have developed since.

The versatility, simple construction and ease of playing has now brought the cajon into an even wider range of music and many styles of playing have developed.

The canjon can be thought of as a drum kit in a box.

Modern cajons feature adjustable snare sounds, adjustable bass dampening and some drums even have pickups installed for easy amplifacation.
The spirit of the cajon is the spirit of music. Such a simple and effective instrument allows anyone to start banging out a simple beat and easily build up to more complex patterns.

At The Cajon Drum Shop we make a range of cajon drums which are all handmade and ready to play.

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Our Handmade Cajons.

A great cajon with a wide range of sounds.

  • The double 20 strand snares give this cajon a fantastic sizzle at the top end.
  • And the dense 12mm ply gives the cajon a deep and rounded bass tone.
  • Perfectly suited to many different styles o...

A Very Versatile Instrument

  • The double 20 strand snares are fully adjustable which gives you great flexibility.
  • With the snares fully on the cajon has a bright lively snare sound.
  • And with the snares fully off the cajon becomes a grea...

A Cajon Drum which sounds fantastic and is equally suited to keeping the beat or taking the lead.

The craftsman built cajon has 3 distinctive sounds:

  • The Bass. The 12mm Birch wood Ply and low slung sound hole give th...

Two Tonal Chambers:

  • This totally unique and professional-level cajon features an internal tone chamber for the snare and a completely separate tonal chamber for the bass.
  • This gives the snare a fantastic crisp sound and isolates the bass soun...

Fully Adjustable Snare and Front Plate:

  • The Traditional Flamenco Cajon has two sets of wires which give a crisp snare sound and are fully adjustable so that you can easily adjust the sound to your liking.
  • The Front Plate is screwed to the caj...

Authentic Mento Sound

  • This is a traditional mento (early Jamaican/Caribbean) instrument which substituted for the double bass.
  • It has 6 keys which can be independently tuned. (We have it tuned to the key of G but you can tune it however you l...

Traditional Rumba Box

The Rumba Box is an old bass instrument which was used widely in Mento and Calypso music. It was used as a substitute for the double bass. It is also in the tradition of home made Jug Band instruments.

  • This is our...